The Costs of Lodging a Car Accident Claim

Everyone has been pondering the question in their mind when looking for a car accident lawyer in Wheeling, West Virginia: how much will this cost me?

The answer you will surely get is that it varies, but it is an intriguing subject worth researching. It is essential to keep in mind that most personal injury lawyers, including those at Ghaphery Law Offices PLLC, will not charge you any attorney fees unless and until we reach success with your case. We call this a contingency fee agreement.

  • What is a Contingency Fee?
  • Common Car Accident Attorney Fees
  • Is It Worth the Cost To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?
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Take a walk with us as we guide you through the ultimate guide of finding yourself an accident injury lawyer in Wheeling, West Virginia, well-informed of the costs involved.


Common Car Accident Attorney Fees

The market standard for personal injury attorneys’ costs is around one-third of the entire amount you will be compensated. Consequently, if you get $30,000 in an insurance settlement, your legal fees may amount to $10,000 or less. 

This arrangement is beneficial for both the injury attorney and car accident victim because it removes the need for the plaintiff to pay any upfront costs and encourages personal injury attorneys to seek the maximum amount of compensation feasible.

Nonetheless, there are significant differences in the way various attorneys handle their contingency fees. Most personal injury lawyers will expect you to cover their court fees and other legal expenses in addition to their contingency fee. Consequently, if you win $300,000 in your lawsuit, your legal representation lawyer may get up to $100,000 in additional compensation for their time and court costs. 

Other trial lawyers may want to be paid upfront, withheld from the total amount presented to you upon your win. This may indicate that they aren’t fully confident in their ability to bring your injury case to success, but it also depends on the legal firm.

Finally, when trying to select a personal injury lawyer to stand by you, it is vital to carry out an open discussion about charges to understand the pricing system and how it works thoroughly.


Do Some Car Accident Lawyers Bill on an Hourly Basis?

Automobile accident attorneys, in general, don’t often charge on an hourly basis. Finally, the contingency fee structure properly considers both parties – the victim and the attorney – to pursue and win a case. You and your attorney will be on the same team. The more money they recover for you, the more money that your lawyer receives.

If a lawyer offers to work at an hourly rate, it may mean they aren’t competent and confident to win your case. Therefore, you should look for a second opinion from other lawyers that only work on a contingency fee basis.


Do Some Auto Accident Attorneys Charge a Flat Rate?

Flat rates are also rare, and this is due to the same reason. Contingency fee arrangements aim to create a win-win situation. Attorneys may be precise on winning for the most compensation feasible, and plaintiffs can profit considering they wouldn’t have to pay a fee except when they beat the lawsuit in question. For this reason, contingent fees for car accidents and other personal injury claims have shown to be very effective, and this is unlikely to alter in the near future.


Is It Worth the Cost To Hire An Auto Accident Lawyer?

While some individuals may experience “price shock” when examining legal costs for automobile accident claims, and it may be tempting to believe you can win the case on your own and accept the total compensation, there are some factors to bear in mind:


Filing auto accident cases may be time-consuming.

You must ensure that you are sending the correct paperwork to the right people, and any errors at this stage of the procedure may jeopardize the outcome of your case. At this stage, evidence will be collected and analyzed and working with insurance companies, among other things.

If the matter goes to court, that’s always compulsory for us. When the insurance providers refuse to cooperate, things may become much more complex. It is critical to select a lawyer prepared to face the court for you if necessary, rather than just settling things quickly to make things easy for themselves.


You may be unaware of how much payment you are entitled to.

You may only be concerned about medical and vehicle repair expenses, but what about missed wages? What about medical costs in the future? What about the agony and suffering you and your household have endured? You may even be entitled to seek reparations if the defendant proved careless or aggressive at the time of the accident.

Each one of these areas requires a thorough investigation to guarantee you’re receiving everything you deserve out of a resolution, and determining this for oneself is tough – even with Google.


Insurance firms are very skilled at defending automobile accident claims.

Insurance providers have a staff of strong, experienced trial lawyers that focus on litigating accident injury claims, and they’ll do anything within their control to eliminate compensating you for your car accident injuries. They may give you a small payment, saying that’s all you can get, or they may reject your insurance claim entirely.

Many individuals often give up at this stage, intimidated by the tactics of these lawyers and their absence of clear legal knowledge.

A competent auto accident attorney, in contrast, will know precisely how well such insurance providers intend to go against your accident injury claims and will prepare your personal injury case appropriately.

Due to these reasons, it is critical to contact an experienced Wheeling auto accident attorney as quickly as practicable to begin working on your car accident case.


Hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you in a car accident lawsuit should not cost you anything until you win.

Because most auto accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, they will not take on cases they know they won’t win. This makes it a less risky option for individuals contemplating legal proceedings after a car accident.


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