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If you are in a passenger car or riding a motorcycle and you have been struck by a truck or big rig in West Virginia, chances are things did not end well for you. Your tiny car is no match for an 18-wheeler or large truck. Even at low speeds, you can be seriously injured by the crushing weight of a massive big rig. Our Wheeling truck accident attorney has helped many people in Wheeling and across West Virginia get the medical treatment they need and the compensation they deserve after a big rig accident.

Working with our personal injury law firm has big advantages over the big law firms. We really care and will fight for you. We want to see you fully recover from injuries and we will never sell you short or let you accept a fast settlement that is not in your best interest. When you are not treated fairly, we’ll take the responsible party and their insurance company to court and force them to pay you every penny you are entitled to under the law. Call us today. We never charge upfront fees and the consultation is free.

“You don’t have to hire a big law firm to get big results!”


When a truck or big rig accident occurs in West Virginia, usually not the fault of the smaller vehicle. It is generally due to one of the following causes:

  • Truck driver fatigue. Most trucking companies provide incentives to truck and big rig drivers for on-time and early deliveries. They may also provide incentives that, in general, encourage truck drivers to stay on the road too long or when they have not had adequate sleep. Fatigued 18-wheeler drivers are more prone to drift out of their lane or react more slowly and frequently is the cause of car-on-truck accidents.
  • Poor training or lack of truck driving experience. Driving a big rig today requires about the same skill level as piloting a passenger plane. Yet, many transportation companies will turn a driver loose with a 10-ton iron missile after just a few weeks of training. Lack of driving experience is one of the major causes of truck accidents in West Virginia.
  • Overload trailers or improper loading of cargo. An overloaded truck is very dangerous. Having too large of a load makes the 18-wheeler much harder to handle and affects steering and braking. A truck that is loaded improperly can have its cargo shift resulting in trailer turnover accidents and endangering drivers of smaller vehicles.
  • Poorly maintained equipment. Brakes, tires and other big rig equipment are always under a great deal of stress and they will fail causing truck accidents and serious injury or death. Tires and parts that have failed may fall off and injure or kill divers of smaller vehicles.
  • Negligent truck drivers. Truckers who drive in a careless or dangerous manner, endanger everyone on the roadway. Examples of this may include speeding, improper turns, following too close and consuming alcohol or drugs.


The personal injury law firm that you choose to represent you in a truck or big rig case may make the difference between you making a full recovery and a lifetime of pain and financial woes. Unlike the big accident injury law firms, we take your case personally. We will give you the personal attention and aggressive representation that it takes to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We never charge an upfront fee and consultations are free. Call us today.