Tragic accidents happen unexpectedly. The sudden death of a loved one will cause each family-member affliction, particularly emotional distress, pain, and suffering. It would take time for the family members to recover from the trauma of losing a loved one.

Wrongful death claims happen when the death of a loved one was caused by somebody’s carelessness, misconduct, and reckless behavior. Several automobile accidents cause serious injuries– motorcycle accident, car accident, bus accident, and truck accident due to drunk-driving or driving under the influence of dangerous drugs. A motor vehicle collision or a pedestrian accident usually happens because of the careless actions of motorists and drivers. Slip and fall injury, workplace accidents, or construction accidents may also cause devastating personal injuries. These often constitute work-related injury cases.

In pursuing compensation for someone’s death, nobody is legally liable if the accident happened naturally. However, in some injury cases, legal action should be taken if a defective product caused the accident. For example, an elevator accident occurred because of the defect in the equipment. Through the legal process and careful investigation, the company may be at-fault for being negligent, specifically for defective products that are unsafe for use and has caused severe injury to victims. 

Legal Process for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Virginia injury lawyer Appoint someone as the legal representative of the deceased family member. The representative has the right to sue those who are accountable and file a wrongful death claim. It is not easy for the family of the deceased to adjust their everyday life, especially if the deceased is the only financial provider they have. In an unexpected death after an accident, the victim still has legal rights to be pursued by the appointed representative of the family.  To financially protect the family, constitutional provisions are made by the estate. The debts and assets of the deceased will be transferred to the family members, including any compensation deemed appropriate for wrongful death. A competent personal injury attorney will fight for you and help you to pursue and receive fair compensation for all the loss and damages.

Monetary compensation cannot bring back the life of a loved one. A loss is a loss. The traumatic experience they had will still be present. However, the compensation and settlements received by the family that was left behind will help them survive financially. The law will also protect the rights and future of the children of the deceased parents.  

It is essential to consult with your Virginia injury lawyer regarding personal injury cases and wrongful death. The legal process in these cases is complicated because pieces of evidence and witnesses are not readily available. You will need to have an experienced accident lawyer to handle these kinds of cases.

If you find yourself in these kinds of situations, protect yours and your family’s legal rights against personal injury and wrongful death. For more information, contact Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC for a free consultation.