Accidents happen. Even the most careful driver cannot 100% guarantee that they will be safe from unexpected incidents, like those resulting from a reckless driver running the red light, a drunk driver who’s texting while driving, or slippery roads. Automobile accidents can lead to traumatic injuries, lost wages, expensive medical bills, and pain and suffering. No matter how safe a driver you are, it’s best to be prepared for what you should do after a car accident. 

This article will talk in brief about things you should do if you get into an auto accident. If you have any questions or clarifications regarding your car accident case, it’s best to talk to an experienced Wheeling personal injury lawyer

Ensure the people involved are safe.

After the car collision, the first thing on your mind should be to keep everyone safe. Assess the severity of your injury and check if the other accident victims are in any danger of further harm. Look to see if anyone is suffering life-threatening injuries. If you’re not sure what to do, call an ambulance. If you let stress and panic take over, you may not be able to ensure the safety of yourself or your loved ones. 

Do not apologize for anything.

Any car accident lawyer worth his salt will tell you not to say sorry to anyone after your car crashes. It may be intuitive for you to be polite and apologize for the accident or other people’s injury. If you say sorry, the other party may use it to hold you liable or put you at fault for the accident. You cannot trust the other party to admit any amount of responsibility, and they might use this apology to pin the blame on you when you file for an accident claim.

Collect information from witnesses.

Auto Collisions in West Virginia Go around and to whoever’s close to the scene of the accident. These people may be potential witnesses who have seen the automobile crash; try to collect their contact information. Get the other driver’s information and as well as the name of the owner of the other car involved.

Talk to the police

When you talk to the officers who arrive at the scene, tell them the facts but never admit fault. The other party’s insurance company may try to talk to you, too, but it’s best to limit any discussion about the accident to the police and your car accident attorney. 

Report to your insurance company immediately

Try to talk to your insurance company while the police are present. The officer can provide more valid information, saving you some time for the claim to be processed. If you do not contact your insurance company as soon as possible, they may deny your claim. Stick to the facts and keep your comments short. Your insurance company might use any statement to frame your negligence and deny your insurance claim.

Take notes and pictures of the accident.

It’s best to have your collection of evidence of damage to your car and the scene of the accident. You can use this data when you file a claim with insurance and any future disputes about your claim.

Contact a Wheeling personal injury law firm right away.

It’s tricky navigating around the minutiae of a car accident. A misspoken statement or an error in the information can cost you or prevent you from getting any money from insurance or damages. Contact an experienced car accident attorney from our Wheeling personal injury law firm immediately. The sooner you have legal representation, the better it will turn out for you. A skilled car accident lawyer will minimize the fault placed on you and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. 

Final Thoughts

A car accident is devastating as it is. You could suffer from a lifetime of pain from your injury, exorbitant medical expenses, loss of consortium, and loss of income due to the negligent actions of a reckless driver. 

Knowledge of the law is your weapon. If you know your legal rights, you’ll be getting maximum compensation for any serious injury by a car accident. If you or a loved one have been car accident victims, get in touch with a personal injury attorney from Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC.

Our personal injury lawyers have years of experience dealing with car accident cases. We’ll fight for you in court to get you the best medical treatment and the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact our Wheeling personal injury law firm now for a free case evaluation!