Slips and Falls 

Slip and falls

Many people suffer from slip and fall accidents due to negligence every year. These injuries are always a danger to our safety, but they can also be very costly. You are often sued after a slip and fall accident, even if it wasn’t your fault. So what is the most common cause of slips and falls?

Slips and falls are caused by many fatalities and injuries in the workplace, schools, and households. A loss of friction or contact between the footwear and the floor surface causes slips to happen. 

A fall is caused by a foot hitting or colliding with an object, resulting in losing balance. According to studies, 66 percent of all falls occur as a consequence of a slip or trip and are not life-threatening.


Slips Trips And Falls Injuries

Unsurprisingly, fractures and dislocated joints are the most prevalent injuries sustained in these types of incidents.

  • Fractures to the ankle or wrist are the most prevalent, although fractures to the fingers are also relatively common.
  • Shoulder dislocations and knee injuries are persistent injuries that may occur. Sprains, as well as minor scrapes and bruises, are common after fractures.
  • Burns and stings are the next most common injuries, followed by lacerations and open wounds. 
  • Falls and slips may, in rare instances, result in traumatic brain, severe brain injuries, or spinal cord injury/back injury, as well as other serious injuries.


The Most Common Causes of Slip And Falls

Walking on a surface that is wet and uneven

Wet and uneven surfaces are the most prevalent causes of slip and fall accidents all over the world. Damp and rough surfaces are responsible for more than half of Virginia’s reported slip and fall incidents. When it comes to wet and uneven sidewalks, the following situations might be hazardous; for example,

  • Floorboards that have come loose
  • Mats that aren’t attached to anything
  • Carpeting that has been worn out
  • Surfaces that have been freshly waxed or cleaned
  • Potholes in the parking lot
  • Sidewalks that are in poor condition
  • Staircases that are poorly built
  • Floors that are cluttered
  • Unsafe Stairs


Outdoor Weather

Weather is an uncontrollable natural phenomenon that you cannot prevent. As a reason, it has risen to become one of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents around the globe.

During the winter season, you may participate in various activities, but you should exercise caution.

During this time of year, even building owners have a legal obligation to shovel sidewalks, plow streets, and salt walkways to keep them safe.

They may be held accountable if they do not take the necessary precautions in the meantime. The majority of slip and fall lawsuits are filed as a consequence of weather-related carelessness.


Lack Of Training

Concerning slip and fall accidents in the construction sector, inadequate training is a prevalent factor to consider. Every employee, including managers and supervisors, must get sufficient training to prevent slipping and falling while on the job. In this specific case, proper training is a vital component of success. 


Cable Strain and Electrical Wires

The presence of stray electrical cables and wires is another prevalent cause of slip and fall incidents.

These cables and wires catch on the shoes or cause the legs to slide over, resulting in pedestrians sliding and falling.

Numerous folks have had this happen to them when they are out walking in the streets.

The parties in question should own responsibility and correct the issue. In such cases, an expert personal injury attorney may assist you in obtaining compensation claims.


Shoes and Footwears

Improper footwear is one of the most common causes of slips and falls. Slips and falls aren’t only for ladies who go about in stilettos or high heels.

Workers in work boots and sneakers are just as likely to be injured as everyone else. You will be more prone to sliding and falling if your shoes do not have the finest traction.

Additionally, the type of shoes you wear is essential. As a result, make sure that you wear suitable shoes with the appropriate traction to minimize slip and fall incidents.


Torn Handrails 

Handrails are devices that are fastened to posts or walls to support individuals walking on sidewalks or stairwells, for example. Most reported slip and fall incidents have been traced back to railings that have been damaged or missing.

Even in the bathroom, handrails are vital to have. If you slip and fall on privately owned property owing to a lack of guardrails, you have the right to be paid for your injuries.


Very Poor Lighting

Slipping and falling incidents are caused by various factors, including inadequate illumination in buildings and on sidewalks and streets. Proper lighting will increase visibility, which is particularly important for individuals who walk at night. Employers must pay close attention to the illumination of pathways, sidewalks, and stairwells in their buildings. 

Inadequate lighting is installed in places where people must securely go from one point to another, making it difficult to navigate. If anyone is injured due to a slip and fall accident, the employer or the property owner will be held responsible.

Poor stairwell maintenance, faults in pavements, snow and ice buildup, damaged, elevated, or old carpets, and spilled beverages on the floor are all significant causes of slip and fall incidents, as well as other factors.

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Indeed, a slip-and-fall lawsuit can be a way to recover compensation for your injuries. However, a slip-and-fall case can be long and complex. Before you decide to pursue a slip-and-fall case, you should talk to an experienced lawyer.


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We’ve seen that slip and falls are common issues that affect millions of people every year in this post. The most common cause of these slips are unstable surfaces – floors that are too wet or have debris. But you don’t have to worry because people specialize in this type of claim. Some of the most experienced Wheeling accident attorneys are available for your injury case. So stop worrying after reading this article. Schedule your free consultation  today at our Wheeling personal injury law firm!