How to choose the right personal injury lawyer for you

After an accident, you need to find the best legal advice available to ensure your rights are protected and so that you receive the medical treatment and financial compensation you deserve. But, how do you find the best personal injury attorney for you?

There are many choices when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney. You see their massive billboards, TV commercials and other advertising for them everywhere. But just because they have big advertising budgets, doesn’t mean a West Virginia personal injury attorney is right for you.

Things you should consider before hiring a Wheeling personal injury attorney:

  • Size is not a good indicator. When it comes to personal injury law firms in West Virginia, you may think that the big firm is the way to go. But the truth is the size of the law firm does not guarantee a good result. In fact, the larger law firms you might meet with an attorney once or twice but from there you will mostly be dealing with one of their staff. They can’t give you personal attention, what makes you think they will give your case the attention it needs and deserve. These big personal injury law firms are often little more than mills that churn out case after case with only mediocre outcomes. Sure, they will get a big case and huge settlement every once in a while and they will brag about that one great win, but most of their cases have much smaller awards. Why? Because then tend to push quick settlements because they are more profitable than fighting for their clients in court.
  • Avoid the “Jack of All Trades.” Personal injury cases require specific knowledge and expertise. Not every Wheeling lawyer has the skill to get you the maximum possible award for your injuries. A personal injury attorney who lacks the experience with personal injury cases may miss important aspects of your case like future medical expenses and loss of income. It is best to choose a personal injury attorney who specializes in personal injury cases.
  • Read about their reputation. Like all attorneys in Wheeling, reputation and client satisfaction is everything. If they have throngs of bad reviews, even if they have some good ones, chances are people were not satisfied with their experience at the firm.
  • A winning record. Not every personal injury law firm has a truly winning record. Many personal injury attorneys claim to have a 99% success rate, but what does that really mean? Was the outcome a success for them or their clients? In most cases, the win was for the attorneys and not the client. As long as most attorneys put cash in their pockets, they call it a win. Isn’t the true measure of success whether the person injured in the accident actually received the compensation they deserve?

When you have been injured in an accident, you need a West Virginia personal injury attorney who cares about you and will give you the personal care and attention you deserve. We will never push you to take a fast settlement to put a quick buck in our pockets. We will fight to get you every dime you are entitled to under the law. Don’t sell yourself short. You do not need a big law firm to get big results. Call us today.