If you’ve been in a car accident then you may be deciding whether to hire a car accident lawyer or to contact the insurance adjuster or insurance-company yourself. Having an experienced accident lawyer with you throughout your car accident claim can make the difference for your case, whether it is a speeding or drunk driving accident, or other types of a motor vehicle accident. Here are four reasons why you should hire car accident lawyers to prepare and settle a car accident case:

  1. They can help in proving fault.
  2. They can obtain evidence of damages.
  3. They will negotiate the accident settlement for you.
  4. They will likely handle cases on a no-win, no pay basis.

Let’s talk about each reason in more detail below.

1. Proving fault in a car accident

A significant part of the legal process for car accident cases is proving who is liable or at fault based on car accident law. The pictures you took of the car-crash or collision may not be enough to prove liability. An auto accident lawyer knows where to look and what to look for when obtaining evidence for liability. They’ll talk to witnesses and police officers as well as compile automobile accident reports to ensure that you have the evidence you need to support your auto accident claim.

2. Getting evidence of damages

 car accident lawyerIf the car accident inflicted serious injuries, it’s important that you have legal representation in your case. Compiling medical bills and records about your medical treatment is not an easy task, but it is critical to obtain these for your personal injury case. Rather than going through the complicated process of getting evidence of your accident injuries yourself, a personal injury lawyer can:

  • Follow the correct procedures to request your medical records, which are often not clearly publicized;
  • Follow up with health care providers to make sure your records are sent in time; and
  • Ensure that the records of your serious injury can be used to support your claim under accident law.

Your records should describe the extent of your car accident injury – whether it’s a head injury, back injury, or bodily injury. It should also prove that the auto injury or disability, caused by the defendant’s careless, distracted, negligent, or reckless driving, leaves you hindered or disabled for some time.

3. Negotiating the settlement

It will come as no surprise that auto accident lawyers are better at negotiation than a layperson like you are. An experienced car accident attorney will help you get compensated for lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses incurred by the auto accident. Additionally, a lawyer can also negotiate with lien holders to reduce the liens on your insurance claim if you have received benefits from worker’s compensation.

4. No win, no pay basis

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the costs of hiring personal injury attorneys – there’s no need to worry. A reliable lawyer will typically take your case on a contingency, which means you don’t have to pay anything until you win. Your attorney will take a portion of the personal injury award, so you can rest assured that they’ll do their best to negotiate the settlement and help you win the case.

If you were injured in a car accident and thinking of filing an accident lawsuit, you should file a personal injury claim as soon as possible. Accident victims have to file injury claims for auto accident cases within a deadline depending on state laws. Hiring a car accident lawyer early on helps you avoid making mistakes that can cost you or hurt your accident case. Request a free consultation from Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC today, and get in touch with a West Virginia personal injury attorney who has your best interests in mind.